Got a niche?

In the publishing industry, you’ll never sell a book if your target audience is “everyone.” Likewise, you won’t get many large corporate customers if you claim you can write about “anything.” Even if it’s true — you’re ready, willing and able to write about any topic as long as someone is ready, willing and able to pay you to do so — it’s not the best approach to getting corporate clients.

Write what you know. You’ve heard that one before, right? It’s true! And, instead of limiting you, it will actually help you get clients.

Here’s an exercise for you. Do a Google search on “freelance writer.” How many hits did you get? A lot, right? About 14 million! If you had a website, where would it land in that list? Now Google: [a topic you know about] + “writer”. For my niche, that number drops incredibly and, more importantly, my website shows up on page one!

Here’s another reason: you can turn work around much faster when you know the subject well. You’ll spend less time researching and more time writing. Which opens up your time to take on more work. And that, my friends, can help you make even more money.

You can have more than one niche topic, but be careful about spreading yourself too thin. You will dilute the power of your niche and its ability to draw clients straight to your door.

So what’s your niche? This exercise can help you find out.

  • Who is your present employer? What is the industry?
  • For which industries have you worked in the past?
  • On which topics have you been published in the past?
  • Do you have an educational background or skill in something other than writing?
  • What are your hobbies? Do you have any special interests or fascinations in which you would find enjoyment as a writer?
  • Are there any topics that you know more about than the average person? Do people tend to ask for your advice in certain areas?
  • If you were to write a “How to” book, what would it be about?

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