As a corporate freelancer, your clients are big corporations, not smaller businesses. I suppose the term “small” is relative — what’s small to some may be large to others. Let’s say, for the purpose of this discussion, that a small company has only one decision-maker when it comes to hiring a freelance writer.

Large companies have multiple cost-center owners, and multiple decision makers. Here’s why it’s important to choose large corporations as your clients:

Big corporations

Small businesses pay faster
Yes, you can ask a small business owner for payment in 30, 15 or even 7 days. Big corporations may make you wait 60 days for payment. But, would you rather have $1,500 in 15 days. Or $15,000 in 60 days?

Remember, big corporations have bigger budgets, bigger projects and multiple clients. They can bring you a constant stream of work, which translates to a constant stream of income. So what if the paycheck you receive today is from the work you did two months ago? You’ll get paid next month from the work you did last month. And you’ll get paid two months from now for the work you do today. You’re constantly in the pipeline.

The larger the company, the more clients you can get
You can get dozens of repeat clients from a single company. Each department operates its own cost center and budget independently of the others. So if one department pulls the plug on its freelance budget, the others are neither influenced, nor impacted, by that.

And there’s more good news; you’re not stuck working for one corporation exclusively. You can take on as many clients as you can handle — although one single company can easily fill up a 40-hour work week.


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